Barclay’s Bike System

The Barclays Bike System, better known as Boris Bikes is a cheap, easy to use way of cycling around London. For only a pound you can easily see all the major London sites – just keep your journey to under 30 minutes and you will only be charged the £1 access fee. Although London is […]


Boris Bike App

Barclays Bikes – the free Android App by Barclays to make cycling in London even easier. Take, for instance, the Barclays Cycle Hire scheme. Developers have taken the real-time data from Transport for London to create apps which show you the nearest bike docking station, directions to get there and how many bikes you should […]


Boris Bikes – A Year in the Saddle

Six million journeys undertaken using the new bikes in the first year since launch. For many Londoners the Boris Bike is part of their daily lives. 29,200 cycle journeys were made using Barclays Cycle Hire on its busiest day so far. More than 128,000 people are now Barclays Cycle Hire members. Transport for London expect the […]



Using the Boris Bike, Barclays London Cycle Hire Scheme is easier than it looks. The guide below takes you though how a Casual User can rent a Boris Bikes :   From a Boris Bike docking station select Hire a Cycle Follow the touch screen instructions Insert your debit or credit card You will be charged […] is an independent website and in no way associated with Transport for London or Barclays plc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved.